Cooler weather

blue-print (2 of 5) blue-print (3 of 5)  blue-print (1 of 5)blue-print (5 of 5)blue-print (4 of 5)

Blazer- Miss Selfridge; Shirt- Nuon by Westside; Tank- Ginger by Lifestyle; Jeans- Esprit; Shoes- Max; Watch- Michael Michael Kors, borrowed

Finally, Christmas holidays! While I have never celebrated the festival, it has always been quite fun to play Secret Santa & the like. Another good thing about this time of the year is the weather. It has become quite chilly (for Chennai standards) and my close-to-nil cold tolerance makes me layer up whenever I go out. Hence, the blazer- in a cotton blend- keeps me warm enough. The key to dressing for (Chennai) cold is simple layers. I chose a button down with a tank. The print on my shirt keeps the outfit from looking drab & the tank adds an extra layer of warmth. Simple, fuss free boyfriend jeans & a pair of boat shoes keeps it looking fun.
Now I can safely say ‘The cold never bothered me anyway’! Have a happy holiday!


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