Modern ways to wear Tulle Skirts

On a whim of sorts, my sister bought me a grey tulle skirt from Jabong. She was having a phase where she loved them, and decided to spread the love to me. Needless to say, with a salwar-only dress code at college + not too much of a life outside of it, I never got too much wear out of it. The whole concept seemed to be unwearable in general.


However, the perfect way to pair it ended up being with another whim of a purchase — a crop top in a flamingo print. I only bought it because it was longer than the general crop top variety and hence wearable in a place like Chennai.

The pairing makes the skirt super suitable for the day, while still retaining its femininity.




A closer look at the accessories — I went with a messy bun (tbh it became messy because damn Chennai humidity) and a simple headband, a studded handbag for some edge, and my watch as usual. Sparkly shoes because a tulle skirt’s vibe is contagious.



Honestly, there are so many ways to wear a tulle skirt — it seems like an impractical thing to own, and in some ways, that’s true. But it’s quite versatile, especially in a dove grey.


Skirt: Lola Sky; Top: Robinsons (Bangkok); Headband: Forever21; Shoes: Pavers England; Watch: Tommy Hilfiger; Handbag: Guess

Some colour pairing/outfit ideas I found on the treasure trove of the internet!


Grey on grey is one of the best ways to wear this colour — it adds depth and elegance to an outfit if you dress in shades of the same colour, no matter what the colour is.


A feminine combination, pastel pink and dove grey makes for a sweet pairing, and perfectly suited for the day.


I’m a huge sucker for stripes, and this outfit by Merrick’s Art ticks all the right boxes for me! You could ditch the jacket and just go for a striped top and black accessories, or you could wear a denim shirt instead with a tulle skirt — both will work extremely well.


A classy evening pairing, black and grey exudes elegance. Accessorised with either antique gold elements (like a belt or choker) or a gorgeous berry lip, your tulle skirt just got elevated to a whole new level.

As usual, repeating pieces of clothing is the BEST way to be sustainable and get the most out of what you already own. I like putting outfits out as colour combinations — that way, you can adjust what I’ve said to suit what you already own, instead of buying 10 extra things. Bottom line, don’t go out and buy clothing from sustainable brands when you already have enough clothes — use what you have. It’s more affordable, and better for everyone around you!

Thoughts on tulle? I’d love to hear them in the comments!



A Summer outfit formula


A lot of people asked me why I wore this outfit, when it was burning outside.

Honestly, I didn’t feel it at all. I did feel my makeup melting more than once, but regardless, this crop top (yes it is one!) was comfortable and the boat-neck is very flattering, even on someone with broad shoulders like myself.


Alternatively, this is proof that you can wear a crop top in Chennai without worrying about revealing skin. The crop is subtle, but hits the waist, showing it off in the best way.


Balancing it with a pair of palazzo pants was mandatory; Chennai weather has become too brutal for jeans and any layering whatsoever. Bonus that these pants make a statement without being over-the-top. They’re one of my favourites!


palazzo-pants-crop-top-preview-1I skipped wearing a watch and reached for light gold bangles instead, and my standard sandals. A cross-body bag with hardware adds edge + elevates the outfit just enough for summer.



A barely-there red lip, messy French braid, and simple makeup finished the look.

I have a feeling palazzo pants + crop tops are going to be my go-to summer uniform this year. What are your favourite outfits to wear to beat the Chennai heat? Let me know in the comments!

Wearing: Zara top, FabIndia pants, Bata shoes, Forever21 + assorted bangles, & Guess bag.

MUN Monochrome

I don’t know about you guys, but the last month was tumultuous for me in more ways than one. Apologies for the excessive gap in posts– it was quite stressful, and I did not have time to sleep, let alone blog. At the same time, I had some amazing experiences, and learned a lot. You win some, you lose some I guess. But we are back to business and I’m excited for the months + year ahead! I’m planning to blog about more topics, maybe even start a YouTube channel… the possibilities are endless. Bring it on, 2016.

One of my weekends last month was spent at an MUN– hence the formal vibe. As a person who is a lover of bright colours, this is probably the most sober outfit I’ve worn in a while. Not complaining though, I kind of like it. I fully recommend this as an MUN outfit.



The shine across the cheekbone is known as “strobing” because of the effect it gives– like a light strobe from your skin. I love doing this with my highlighter. I think it is a subtle yet beautiful glow. The rest of the makeup was straightforward: foundation, eyeliner, mascara, red lipstick for a pop of colour, the works.


A small graphic print really makes so much difference to an otherwise classic outfit. It’s also more flattering than I thought it would be. I really love this skirt and might wear it with a bright sweater sometime.
Pointed-toe kitten heels add a bit of edge.


You can see the shoulders are exaggerated in this blazer (“power shoulders”)– it’s not really a formal blazer but the cropped style helps emphasise the tucked-in shirt and high-waisted skirt.


Minimal accessories– watch, rose gold bracelet, and choker.

black-blazer-print-skirt-workwear-1This is a pretty simple outfit for an MUN or any other formal event. A foolproof formula even–  printed skirt + solid top + blazer + heels. My parents were surprised I didn’t don my usual coloured blazers (more on that in the future), and went the classic route instead. A matte red lip works with everything as well, especially monochrome outfits.

Wearing: Uniqlo shirt, Forever 21 blazer, H&M skirt, Zara heels, Michael Kors bag, Hilfiger watch. Bracelet from Swarovski. 

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

ALSO, if you have suggestions for beauty tutorial videos, sound off in the comments! I’m excited to make this happen.

Nature + Fashion, ft ShopSkipper (part 3)

So this is the third part in my ShopSkipper series (which you can explore here)! Why ShopSkipper? Because I am now an official blogger for them(!!). My job will be to feature stores in collaboration with ShopSkipper, and bring you the best of Chennai’s shopping scene— in video form, no less!

So be sure to follow their page to see the ShopSkipper edit ft. yours truly. I’m so excited to be a part of their venture!

Store #3 : VYA


There’s nothing like uniqueness, and that’s exactly what Vya offers.


Not your run of the mill necklaces & earrings. Each piece is hand-crafted, and usually features one or more seashells, encased against a colourful backing. The metallic finish varies from collection to collection.



I loved these rings that made a subtle statement. An unconventional touch to an otherwise fuss-free outfit.


Vya also offers custom pieces in their range- whether choker, earrings, or rings, you can choose a colour combination & shell setting you like. Mother-of-pearl (seen here) is definitely a beautiful option!

Wearing Mango shirt, Levis, Zara heels. Necklace from Vya.

Check them out on Facebook for the latest updates from the House of Vya.

Have a nice week ahead!

~~ gift guides coming up, watch this space ~~

Now featuring: The Blush Box (with Shopskipper): Part 2

Thanks to a tumultuous past week here, all systems and internet access have taken a hit. Chennai has overflowed with love and humanity, in response to the water, and it just reaffirmed my love for the city. Hopefully, we recover quickly, and rehabilitate effectively.

So in case you missed my previous post I am now an official blogger for Shopskipper. My job will be to feature stores in collaboration with ShopSkipper, and bring you the best of Chennai’s shopping scene— in video form, no less! So be sure to follow their page to see the ShopSkipper edit ft. yours truly. I’m so excited to be a part of their venture!

The second store I am featuring is The Blush Box by Saloni Bermecha.


Contrary to popular belief, I do own a black blazer.


The reason I love this store is because of their selection of delicate jewellery. While I love bold statement necklaces, and
would kill for a rhinestone anything, sometimes you have to strike a balance. They do have statement-making pieces, as well as a selection of clothing.


This necklace for example, has a marble-like stone as a pendant, with a shorter chain layered. It’s different, and eye-catching, without being loud. When you wear formal clothing, sometimes you need to reach for easy-to-wear pieces like this.


This is a fail-proof outfit idea: black blazer, blue jeans, and heels. You could even call it a fashion-girl uniform!


It’s all in the details, sometimes, with outfits. A delicate moonstone ring, and slim gold bracelets make just enough impact without being weighed down by tons of accessories.


Layered with a watch, you have a perfectly executed arm party, without any fuss.

Wearing Mango blouse, H&M blazer, Levis, Zara heels, my own earrings. All other accessories from The Blush Box.

Check out The Blush Box at their StoreFacebook

My video for ShopSkipper will be up very soon. Keep watching this space ~



Accessory Game on point with ShopSkipper (part 1)

I have news!

I have signed on to be one of ShopSkipper’s official bloggers. My job will be to feature stores in collaboration with ShopSkipper, and bring you the best of Chennai’s shopping scene— in video form, no less! So be sure to follow their page to see the ShopSkipper edit ft. yours truly. I’m so excited to be a part of their venture! 

For my first project, I have done an accessory feature— three stores, based in Chennai, for your bauble needs. And you will not be disappointed with them!


First up, Anaya Accessories. It is based in Kilpauk, with an Instagram & Facebook page for you to browse their products. 


Cool tones such as light blue denim calls for silver accessories– this necklace is bold, and makes a statement. It is one of my favourite ways to jazz up outfits.


Rose gold lovin’! It’s become my favourite metallic shade (despite my face indicating otherwise).


These earrings make an impact, but are not over the top. The perfect balance! The long length adds edge to a simple white blouse & blue jeans outfit.



A clutch which doubles as a chain strap bag– the flower details allow it to double up for western wear too! Classic styling tip: match your bag with your shoes.


Wearing Mango blouse, Levis, Anaya bag + earrings, Titan Raga watch, and Zara shoes. 

Check out Anaya here: Facebook | Instagram
& get your accessory game on point.

And download ShopSkipper on your phone to see my videos!

Have a nice week ahead ~ Watch this space for more!